We Are Albatros.

Always Striving after The Best Result

The popularity of golfing has increased in recent years, especially in Europe, and the golfing industry has turned into an important growth sector. The trend is characterized by increasing membership numbers, growing importance of green fee players, and greater competition between golf courses. Today’s customers do not only expect beautiful golf courses but in addition rely on the perfect service – which requires appropriate tools.

Albatros has recognized this development early and with more than 30 years of experience in the golfing sector has developed a complete application package. Currently, more than 1.500 clubs in Europe and around the world trust in this technology. Albatros provides software modules as flexible and versatile as required by your club’s structure. Since our modules are scalable and adjustable to every step in your company’s development, they combine routine operations with a perfect service and offer a comprehensive overview of the income and cost situation.

Albatros regularly informs you which variables influence commercial success and quality of service. However, we do not only focus on a financial optimization but also on customer satisfaction which is a key factor in today’s competition between golf courses.