Always at Your Disposal!

Our service and maintenance contract provides support on any issues which may arise – 365 days a year. Our support team helps your employees to identify errors on the course and correct them on-site or via remote maintenance. Golfers’ demands on golf courses are very high. It is therefore crucial to count on the support of an efficient and reliable IT solution. The complexity of modern software solutions has increased in recent years and depends on the effects of different factors, such as the hardware used, the Internet, or the employees and their varying levels of knowledge.

Flexible Support Models

Albatros offers three different maintenance contracts. These are divided into Category A (Standard), Category B (Extended) and Category C (Exclusive) and comprise different services.

Offline Software Modules

The price is determined on a percentage basis when purchasing the software modules. The maintenance costs amount to 18 % in Category A, 24 % in Category B, and 30 % in Category C.

Online Software Modules

All costs are included in the annual license fee.

Details of the Service

  • Support from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • All updates to ensure compatibility with DGV intranet
  • One free software update per year
ServiceWithout Maintenance ContractCategory A Maintenance ContractCategory B Maintenance ContractCategory C Maintenance Contract
Annual Fee18%*24%*30%*
Services**Hourly Rate 80€Hourly Rate 80€Hourly Rate 80€Hourly Rate 70€
Software Updates***15%*1 Update IncludedAll Updates IncludedAll Updates Included
Support Request Monday – Friday75€ per RequestIncludedIncludedIncluded
Support Request Saturday, Sunday, or Public Holiday125€ per Request40€ per RequestIncludedIncluded
Remote Maintenance Monday – FridayNot Possible40€ per Request20€ per RequestIncluded
Remote Maintenance Saturday, Sunday, or Public HolidayNot Possible60€ per Request30€ per RequestIncluded
Participation Webinar75€50€35€Included
Albatros Backup Service29€ per Month29€ per Month29€ per Month19€ per Month

The additional purchase of new modules and licenses is free of charge in the year of acquisition and will be included in the calculation as of 1 January of the following year. The calculation basis is determined by the current software prices of the Albatros Datenservice GmbH. Price changes lead to a re-calculation of the percentages of contribution. They are usually adjusted in the following year. Our Terms of Delivery and General Terms and Conditions are to be applied.

  • * Percentages: Percentage of the current list price for software licenses (in €)
  • ** Services: On-site services or remote installations such as setup, trainings, repair, etc.
  • *** Updates: Program improvements