Albatros Dialogue Service

  • Professional newsletter layout matching the club design
  • Easy managing of newsletter creation
  • Interface to Albatros database
  • Archive of articles with access to current golf texts
  • Usual high quality of Albatros support and training
  • Additional marketing modules available

Modern Dialogue Marketing.

Good old print magazines for members may soon become history because the Internet provides best possibilities to inform more fast, up-to-date, and cheap about dates, offers, events, and tournaments: An e-mail newsletter will help you to keep your members informed in the future. For the implementation, the Albatros Dialogue Services provide an instrument tailored to the golf courses’ needs.

Since the e-mail marketing is connected to the Albatros database, members, guests, and visitors can be addressed individually and personally without any effort. We decided to develop a system which impresses because it allows for rapid learning and easy handling. Consequently, all employees of a golf course can quickly succeed in creating a newsletter. The tool takes into account the current state of technology and generates an individual newsletter, matched to your club layout. Members and guests will be thrilled!

Your Benefits

  • Personalized

    An e-mail newsletter is personalized and is sent directly to your customer’s inbox.

  • Fast

    A newsletter can be created and sent in very little time. Depending on the settings, the newsletter can even be generated completely automatically.

  • Economical

    Distributing a newsletter is much more cost-effective than distributing for instance a club magazine or a letter.

  • Interesting

    A newsletter can be designed interactively and entertainingly by including customer surveys, feedback functions, a quiz or a competition.

  • Measurable

    The use of newsletters might be revealing because you can directly observe statistics which indicate what your members are interested in.

8 Reasons to Choose ADS

  1. The newsletter layout matches the club design (most commonly in the style of the course’s website)
  2. With ADS, you generate your newsletter as well as linked continuation pages
  3. Interface to Albatros database / AWS and thus access to all data fields for individual distribution
  4. Data clearing / data correction via central Albatros data interface
  5. Access to an archive of articles with current news and contributions to issues relevant for your target group
  6. Option to integrate advertising partners in form of banners and PR texts which enable a partial refinancing of ADS
  7. Your newsletter will not be treated as spam by the mail recipient due to a web-based sending (Certified Senders Alliance)
  8. Further marketing tools such as online questionnaires, votings or automated sending are integrated and available


More Details?

We will be delighted to discuss your requirements and prepare an individual offer. Get in touch with us today!