Albatros Backup Services (ABS)

Your Advantages

  • Permanent backup
  • Backup of the entire database
  • Backup intervals can be freely selected
  • Optional: backup of your annual backup
  • Automated solution

Data Security for Your Golf Course

The Albatros Backup Service (ABS) is reliable in taking care of the backup of your database while still offering daily availability. Customers with maintenance contracts can fully concentrate on their daily business thanks to ABS.

“Data is King” is not only the formula of our modern and information-oriented world, but applies in particular to golf courses. King is, who has complete and well maintained data in their database. The database forms the basis for a coordinated processing of the operations on the golf course, for correct and fast business operations as well as for reliable and effective customer care.

It is therefore increasingly important that your golf course does not only invest time and money into data maintenance but also in maximum data security. A database loss due to a fatal database error can even threaten the existence of a golf course. It involves at least a considerable amount of time and money to restore the old data set.

In order to respond to the need for data security, Albatros has developed an individual service for its customers – the Albatros Backup Service. Data and future security for your golf course is guaranteed by our regular backup of your database on an external and secure server. A damaged database can thus be quickly and reliably restored anytime.


The Albatros Backup Service for customers of Category C is available for as little as 19 Euro plus VAT per month. Don’t save on the wrong things. The loss of your database constitutes a considerable risk for your business operations. When choosing the easy and cheap Albatros solution, you exclude this risk and can focus on other issues.
  • Customer Category A
  • 29,00 Euro
  • Price per month plus VAT.
  • Customer Category B
  • 29,00 Euro
  • Price per month plus VAT.
  • Customer Category C
  • 19,00 Euro
  • Price per month plus VAT.