Exactly Right.

Our unique modular approach offers full flexibility while keeping costs under control. You only use the modules you need today for your club’s everyday life.

The Albatros Modular Approach.

Flexibility and simplicity is in our DNA. Already the first software version of Albatros was built modular. This architecture has many advantages. For you as a customer it means that you need to license only the modules you actually use. You do not have to deal with functions and programs you don’t need.

Thanks to this approach, Albatros grows with you. Even if you plan a change of strategy and want to build more on green fee revenues or sales outside the traditional membership, our modules are available at any time.

All modules are compatible with each other. Thus, no matter which module you are using, the data and interfaces always fit together.

What Our Customers Say

“It‘s no question that we try to use the latest Albatros modules each season, in order to constantly improve our services.”

With the step-by-step integration of modules such as reception, connection of ball machine and access control, online tee time booking, and the restaurant module, we have become more and more professional. (…) The modules enabled us to customize, crop, and extend the software individually according to our requirements.

  • Compatible

    All modules work together harmoniously. Guaranteed!

  • Flexible

    New Requirements? No problem. The modular approach adapts to your needs.
  • Efficient

    You only pay for the modules you really need!

  • Scalable

    Your everyday life in the golf club is complex enough. Our software gives you an easy and tailored introduction.

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