Never Fear!

Fear of loosing data or getting in trouble when switching? Not with us! We are professionals and have accompanied hundreds of customers during their change to Albatros. It’s easier than you think! Promised.

Change Means Progress.

The change from one software to another is supposedly fraught with difficulties. However, our long-standing experience and our proven SWITCH” process allows a smooth handling.

We have a systematic approach and first back up all existing data. In most cases, all existing master data can be imported completely and automatically. Our software checks particular contexts and automatically alerts potential problems with inventory data. These are remedied by us directly in the database.

A switch therefore in a way also means cleaning your inventory data and helps you to restart with sleek and clean data.

We Have a Masterplan.

Experience and expertise are our strength. Each course and each software installation is different. Existing data are often influenced by the different orientations and requirements in the golf clubs.

A change of software is a big step for any golf course. We are aware of this responsibility!

Our unique SWITCH process provides the necessary structure and allows all parties at any times a good overview and orientation. We explain each phase to you and discuss each step with you.

We are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation. We will show you various options and consider your individual requirements. We look forward to seeing you!

Counseling interview
  • Consultation Phase

    In this phase, we advise you regarding existing products and an Albatros solution tailored to your needs.

  • Analysis Phase

    In this phase, our database experts check your inventory data and prepare the transition to Albatros.

  • Transition Phase

    After an automated verification, we import the data into the new database and install the Albatros programs on your computers.

  • Training Phase

    Our experts are at your site, do configuration and fine-tuning and train your staff in all parts of the program.

  • Optimization Phase

    In the first weeks after the changeover we keep close to your side, help you with any questions and together optimize the system and the workflow.

  • Release Phase

    Only when you feel safe in the everyday use of the software, you grant us the approval for the completion of the project. Enjoy the game!