For over 20 years, Albatros has now been providing innovative software and solutions for golf clubs around the world. We are proud of our history and our products. Passionate employees and absolute customer focus distinguish us. At Albatros, you can always expect the best result. Join us for the first tee and see how technology can simplify your daily life in the golf club.

Golf Club TV

Albatros Golf Club TV informs visitors of your golf course on current events. You can generate additional revenues through advertising. All this by using the latest info screen technology and with no extra effort – all automated.

Albatros App

Discover the Albatros App for iPhone and Android. 100% compatible with your existing Albatros softwareand thousands of new possibilities for your demanding and mobile customers.


Albatros Web Services

The Albatros Web Services make an automatic data exchange between different systems over the Internet possible. This means that you can work and access your data from anywhere. Time for unlimited freedom!

Your Change to Albatros

Fear of data loss or problems with the move? Not with us! We are professionals and have accompanied hundreds of customers with the change to Albatros. It’s easier than you think! Promised.

The Albatros Modular Approach

Our unique modular approach offers you full flexibility while keeping costs under control. You only use the modules you need today for your club’s everyday life.

Solutions for Golf Clubs

After more than 20 years of experience with golf courses at home and abroad, we have learned one thing. To solve problems. Experience, creativity and know-how are our ammunition and we’ll be happy to also solve your problems!

You consider a switch of the software provider or need advice in launching new software for your golf club? We are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation – also on-site.