Connections Wanted!

Today, the management of a golf course without modern IT infrastructure is no longer possible and imaginable. But apart from the software and hardware used on golf courses, the way in which interfaces are designed plays a decisive role. Over the past several years, the linkage has turned into a central issue for many golf courses.

Interfaces Open up Opportunities.

Golf federations, just like golf clubs, face challenges resulting from interconnections with IT systems. Data protection and security are two of the central factors which have to be taken into account. As indicated by the current development, these challenges are growing because in order to be efficient, interfaces increasingly have to cross national boundaries.

Albatros has been tackling the subject of interfaces for decades and has played a significant role in developing and optimizing many interfaces to national handicap server systems. After introducing specification documents, Albatros Datenservice provided numerous national server systems with the respective data interfaces and was thus able to obtain a certification from the respective golf federation.

However, there is no risk of boredom. Annual adjustments and technological advancements require regular updates. Albatros is a reliable partner and has carried out valuable work for instance for the German Golf Association, the Austrian Golf Association, and the French Golf Association.

Do you need access to an interface? Give us a call and we are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligations about your possibilities and the connection you need.