• Puts an end to piles of paperwork
  • Professional management of simple events
  • Suited for trial and beginners’ courses or for evening classes on golf rules
  • All events and courses at a glance
  • Flexible and easy to operate

Every Detail Is Important.

Trial courses, beginners’ courses, or evening classes on golf rules. The number and type of events and classes on a modern golf course is constantly increasing. This issue is, however, usually neglected which is why it often happens that events or classes are overbooked or that organizational errors occur.

A modern golf course should rely on the innovative software solutions provided by Albatros. The module “Events and Courses” is part of the product range “Reservations” and therefore offers all advantages of an integrated solution. This means that processes are combined seamlessly and that all processes and data can be easily transferred from one module to another.

The module itself offers the highest level of comfort and provides a fast overview of the booking situation. Remaining places can be recognized quickly so that the marketing can be adapted accordingly. The participants’ satisfaction will increase along with the professional organization. It’s the little things that make the difference and leave a lasting and professional impression with customers. This is particularly relevant for potential new members.

The module “Events and Courses” enables you to choose different prices for events and consider individual requirements in the system. The employees at the reception get the tool which is necessary for the professional daily life on a golf course and the management gets completely new  possibilities to generate additional revenues and increase customer satisfaction.


The Attighof GC offers its customers the possibility to book tee times as well as events online via AWS.

More Details?

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