Tee Time Reservation

  • Highest level of customer satisfaction due to reliable tee time reservation system
  • Best use of your club’s rental items
  • Optimal occupancy rates of your golf course

Start Offering Reservations Without Limitations!

The Albatros Reservation Module constitutes an essential tool for ensuring a golf club’s organized and effective daily operating. This module allows you to manage the tee times of your members, customers, and guests. In combination with other Albatros products, a vast array of booking possibilities through various channels (personally on-site or at a terminal, via telephone or Internet, via integrated solutions) is viable without the occurrence of double bookings. The module is not restricted to managing tee times, additional modules furthermore allow for reservations of professionals, courses, events, rooms, or tournaments.

Our Reporting Tool’s evaluation possibilities support an efficient management and optimization of your golf course: Just a few clicks will let you know the times at which the golf course is not fully utilized so that you can fill these slots by running a promotion campaign or by scheduling the lawnmower. Sales increases can be achieved easily. Our software moreover provides access to shared master data and thereby avoids additional work resulting from multiple data inputs.

Your Benefits

With Albatros, your reception desk is open 24 hours, 365 days a year and at virtually any location in the world. It is impossible to offer more opportunities to book tee times or training times. Due to the AOC-Terminal or our mobile (AMS) and online (AWS) solutions, members and guests can make reservations by themselves anytime via the Internet, with their smartphones or directly at the AOC-Terminals. All of these channels, plus the infoboard, inform about free times in real time. By integrating the SendSMS-Module, a customer retention tool, even more bookings can be generated because members will be automatically informed about free tee times at their favorite match days.

  • Single, multiple, and group bookings for any number of golf courses
  • Pre-booking of resources (cars, golf clubs, golf trolley etc.)
  • Additional module for the reservation of professionals
  • Additional module for the reservation of events
  • Unlimited number of reservation objects and time models
  • Monitoring and charging of check-in or cancelation; data modification history
  • Automatic confirmation via e-mail or SMS
  • Individual configurability for every course and time model; starting from Tee 1 or 10
  • Multiple accessories (calendars, notes, memos)
  • Comprehensive reporting functions (tee time, booking, occupancy rate, finances, etc., according to members or guests)
  • Booking slots, course blocks
  • Clarity thanks to a consistent color design and diverse types of display and presentation; varied search functions
  • Easy data entry due to copy, cut, and paste functions
  • Coherent and up-to-date allocation of tee times through a real-time database search
  • Interfaces: Hotel systems, AOC-Terminal, Internet, golf courses


GC Holledau assigns tee times for a 36-hole course via AWS and the Albatros App.

Golfpark Zimmern consistently offers tee time booking possibilities via Albatros – over the telephone, through the website, and via the Albatros App.

Gut Thailing ensures an optimal use of the course’s capacity and on-going game operations despite high numbers of visitors by using the Albatros reservation system.

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