Albatros Web-Seminars

All Webinars are free for C-Customers!

Web-Seminars are web-based seminars. You just need to log in to a digital conference room and then you can listen to presentations, trainings, or information events.

Golf is a complex sport. Golf software has to be able to meet high demands such as the individual needs of its users. The greatest strength of the Albatros Software is its capability to cover ALL requirements of a modern golfclub management. Once the basis to work with Albatros has been set via seminars, trainings, or years of experience, special topics and rarely used application areas can be addressed and deepened.

Web-Seminars offer the opportunity to approach specific topics regarding the Albatros Software in small training units. You can comfortably participate in the webinar from home or from your workplace and follow the 45-60-minute online training on the screen with your headset. The web-seminar presentation is subsequently made available so that you can effectively put into practice what you have learned.

Web-Seminar Dates 2023/2024

Albatros Seminars

1 Free Seminar Day for C-Customers!

Golf is a complex sport. Golf software has to be able to meet high demands such as the individual needs of its users. Our training program is divided into different modules in order to offer the best program for each user and each level. From module 1, which is for beginners and entry-level users, to module 5, which professionalizes the workflow, we train the participants to turn them into professionals.

Our participants work at their own computers and the training is characterized by many case examples and exercises. Individual questions and needs are of course addressed and considered. Invest your time and attend our trainings – you will facilitate your own workload and work more quickly and effectively.

Albatros Manager Conferences / A9 Road Show

Free Participation for Decision Makers in the Golf Club

The Albatros Manager Conferences in Germany and Austria are designed to meet the needs of decision makers on the golf course. Participants gain insights into Albatros processes and developments. The series of events serves as a dialogue platform in order to better understand the needs and challenges faced by modern golf courses. Apart from a review, the seminars always include an outlook on future services and products. These exclusive events have enjoyed great popularity for the past years – which is why we are already looking forward to welcome you to one of our Manager Conferences this year!

Dates for the Albatros Manager Conferences and A9 Road Show will presumably be announced soon.


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