The Tournament Administration Joins the Game.

Additional modules for the tournament administration:

  • Albatros Golf Club TV
  • Albatros Office Center
  • Albatros Livescoring with Blackberry-Pool
  • Albatros Starter App

Efficient and Intuitive

The Albatros Tournament Administration enables you to create and evaluate different kinds of matches. Lists of participants and start and result lists are compiled as quickly as handicap comparisons. Since current golf regulations are considered, the efficiency is improved and the risk of errors in creating tournaments is reduced.

An essential task of every golf course is the organization and implementation of tournaments. The Albatros Tournament Administration is the perfect tool to perform this task efficiently and reliably. A few clicks in the system suffice to simply and quickly create a tournament. Interfaces to the Albatros Online System, the DGV-Intranet,, and the Swiss Golf Network are integrated into all parts of the Tournament Administration.

New participants can be created or added to the tournament per mouse click or via “Drag&Drop”. The interfaces to federations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland allow for an online comparison of current handicaps. Tournament announcements, lists of participants and winners, waiting, start, and result lists, completion times, and score cards are available at the push of a button. Albatros moreover makes registration procedures easier by enabling participants to register themselves online or at the terminal. In case that your tournament attracts wide interest, you can make use of the waiting list function in order to fairly manage the participation. On the day of the tournament, you can provide your golfers with further comforts via additional modules such as livescoring in the clubhouse, iPad Starter App, and result recordings via Blackberry. A wide range of evaluation possibilities is available, for instance: gross / net scores, gross scores via CR / par, gross scores with adjusted CR or net scores with adjusted par. The presentation of results can take different forms, including livescoring (local and online), winners’ lists, birdie lists, playoff protocols, result lists according to clubs and of course online submissions of results. It is furthermore possible to generate additional evaluations such as team ratings, eclectic evaluations, and assessments according to scores and sums.

Your Benefits

The Albatros Tournament Administration enables you to concentrate entirely on the event! With just a few settings, even special tournaments can be hosted without any problems. Assistants guide you through the creation of fees or the organization of shotgun starts.

The tournament evaluation takes place in a fast and targeted way. With only a few clicks, an efficient reporting function gives you an overview of the different aspects of your tournament. With the aid of the report generator, which is integrated into all modules, you can design all evaluations, score cards, lists, forms, letters, and statistics according to your wishes.

Tournament agencies and organizers can use the Tournament Administration as an independent module. Federations have been using the Albatros solutions to realize their own events for many years. Take advantage of our experience.


Strategie X uses the Albatros tournament administration and Golf Club TV to organize and host the tournament series “Manager Golf Cup”.

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