Tried and Tested.

  • Albatros supports golf federations in numerous countries
  • Albatros has been a partner of the German Golf Federation (DGV) for more than two decades
  • Interfaces in Switzerland, Austria, and South Africa
  • Certified as per specification and test
  • Data security across national boundaries
  • Modern connections for modern golf

Interfaces to Federations – Valuable for All Parties.

In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland golf clubs are obligated to compare data of their members with data stored by the respective national golf federations. Golf clubs benefit from this comparison which facilitates the management of handicaps at tournaments. Due to intelligently programmed interfaces, Albatros does most of the work for you and automatizes it. This saves you a lot of work. The interface to the golf federations is integrated into the membership administration and is of course also available in countries without the obligation to compare data.

Official. Certified. Safe.

As a partner at the side of international golf federations, we understand the special challenges from the federations’ point of view. The focus of our interfaces to federations is data protection and security as well as cost efficiency combined with failure safety. Everyday work in a federation is complex and diverse. We think that at least interfaces should ensure constant safety so that officials and employees can concentrate on their members. We would be happy to present different approaches and solutions to you and give you an insight into the solutions of other federations. Use the synergies and reposition yourself with the Albatros IT Golf-Software Solutions. Your members will be delighted.

More Details?

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