Online Green Fee Bookings – We Make the Connection

Journeys, hotel rooms, flights – online booking portals for the most diverse services are nowadays commonplace in virtually all branches and enjoy great popularity. A green fee portal for the golf sector in Europe, in particular in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, which enables golfers to compare offers and make confirmed bookings, was thus long overdue., which as been successful for many years in France, is now also available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. If you want to assign tee times, use free capacities, or increase your green fee sales, you should get started today and connect your Albatros system to For golf courses which do not use a traditional system to allocate tee times, offers solutions to attract additional customers via a controllable tool.

Get in touch with us and we will gladly explain to you the convincingly simple model of for your golf course.

Convincingly Simple – Simply Convincing

There are several good arguments for the smart portal solution presented by – for golfers anyway. The online portal as well as the iPhone App offer a wide choice of ALL golf courses in the participating countries, attractive offers, and a quick and easy handling.

Golfers are finally able to choose between numerous offers of golf courses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France – according to their whim, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t get any better!

But also for golf courses, offers numerous convincing reasons to decide for a connection. Simply contact us.

  • Real-Time Bookings

    No risk of double bookings. We connect your Albatros Reservation directly via web service.

  • New Customer Potentials

    More than 70 % of all bookings via are made by guests who were not among your customers.

  • Free to Use

    No running costs or set-up fees. Our concept of the “exclusive tee time” will certainly convince you.

  • No No-Show Risk

    All tee times are paid with credit card in advance. Without cancelation options. Directly to your bank account.

  • Full Control of Prices and Payments

    You decide which tee times you offer at what price. Payments are made by golfers directly on your club account.

  • Central Tee Sheet

    Even for golf courses without a tee time reservation system, is easily available.

  • Albatros Integration

    Since the booking and payment functions are entirely integrated into your Albatros system, they are easy to handle – the reservation and the AWS as well as the reception.