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The Albatros Web Services enable an automatic online exchange of data between different systems. As a result, you can work and access your data from anywhere. It’s time for unlimited freedom!

  • Open interfaces
  • Work is independent from device
  • Secure data connection
  • Expandable
  • Mobile use is possible

Albatros 24/7 – without Limitations

Thanks to the interfaces’ open architecture, you can connect your offers to online booking platforms, partner hotels, travel agencies, etc. without limitations. You can control data releases and decide which offers are activated on which platform. This means that you dispense with additional data inputs. Free capacities are automatically published according to your definition and without the risk of double occupancies. Apart from tee times, conference rooms, offers for meals and drinks, courses with professionals, rental items, tournament registrations, etc. can be made available anytime and from any location. After their registration, users will get an overview of their reservations, tee times, tournament registrations, and much more.

Your Benefits

The integration of the club’s offers into external booking platforms, which market tee times and green fees, and the incorporation of partner offers help to achieve greater awareness and increase the use of your service.

Enhanced service offerings for members and guests increase your customer satisfaction and the occupancy of your course and contribute to profitability because additional revenues are generated. Data security and privacy are protected.

Users can maintain their own data which relieves your administration and ensures an up-to-date database. In addition, you can profit from our mobile services which are available in the AppStore for iPhone and Android and which can be used for all booked modules without additional costs.

Additional Modules

  • Tournament Calendar
  • Tournament Administration
  • Reservation basic module
  • Reservation of object, course, professionals, event, driving bays
  • Hotel reservation
  • Interface tee times
  • Customer administration
  • Golf Club TV
  • Club App (iPhone / Android)
  • Starter-App

More Details?

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