Inventory Management under Control

  • Multiple-client capable
  • Accounting with access to master data
  • Account balance at the touch of a button
  • Barcode administration
  • Seamless integration of the system into the existing Albatros network
  • Extensive reporting

Seamless Service and High Efficiency

Our inventory management system supports the economic implementation and the commercial management of your golf course. If requested, different points of sales such as the reception, vending machines, the Internet, the golf shop, and the restaurant can be integrated. The inventory management system is available with and without stock control and a Zebex scanner can be integrated in order to quickly capture the stock for the inventory.

The inventory management system does not only manage golf-related products but moreover workaday items, such as pencils, office folders, and towels for the sanitary area. For use in the restaurant, the complex tax regulations for the catering business (e.g. conversion barrel to glass) can be integrated, too.

In the pro shop, the inventory management system can be expanded to a complete POS system which can be used independently in the shop and which offers much more than mere purchasing and sales functions. The inventory management system can for instance be connected to your Back Office so that master data can be maintained in the shop as well. Versatile statistics and evaluations are generated in combination with the Reception Module. Data from the inventory management system can of course be passed on to the financial manager and moreover to your accounting records.

Your Advantages

  • Accounts with access to master data and current account balance at the touch of a button
  • Article administration, including open item managment, green fee sales, ball machines, etc., integrable
  • Barcode administration
  • Stock keeping and inventory via Zebrex scanner
  • Supplier management
  • Customer-specific sales analysis
  • Multi-client version with combination of several shops and consolidated reports
  • Integration of external workstations
  • Printed outputs: invoices, receipts, cash reports, product group turnover
  • Data material: stock management, stock, suppliers
  • Integration of different payment arrangements, Albatros Golf Card integrable
  • Improved service and repair offers

More Details?

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