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  • All bays at a glance
  • No booking errors
  • Extremely flexible
  • Price models and booking intervals can be freely selected
  • Easy to handle

Redesign of Driving Bays.

The golf sector is evolving. Customers ask for new membership categories and the demand for pure training possibilities without having to play a whole round is increasing. For this reason, Albatros has developed the module “Driving Bays”.

The module is part of the product range “Reservations” and can be smoothly integrated into the Albatros software and processes. Particularly in the area of driving bays, a wide range of offers is available on golf courses. The software therefore has to map small golf clubs with a few bays as well as courses with multi-level solutions for different tee offs.

Consequently, the module can be easily customized and offers, apart from a calendric management, the possibility to generate different pricing models. Everything is possible, from temporal differentiation, to differentiation according to customer groups, to flat rate offers. We focused on an easy handling of the software which is why the module can be operated by every employee without training effort. Since the module relies on the Albatros database, processes can be simplified and accelerated. Customer data can be transferred within a few seconds and further services can be added at the touch of a button.

More Details?

If you need help in introducing reservations for the bays on your driving range, we will be pleased to support you, even on-site. We will adivse you individually and without obligation.