Self-Service and Information

The Albatros Office Center (AOC) is a management software which offers customers all functions of the reception via a self-service terminal with touch screen – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

  • Service around the clock
  • Full integration into your Albatros System
  • Increased efficiency of your staff
  • Time savings for customers and guests

Always Available for Your Customers – the Albatros Office Center AOC

Self-service is not necessary a deficient service, but, on the contrary, gives you access to unlimited opening hours! Just imagine: A guest decides to become a member after having visited your golf course – but the reception has already been closed. Over lunch, a member spontaneously decides to participate in tomorrow’s tournament – but the office is no longer occupied. These service shortcomings can be avoided and sales can be increased by using our terminals with AOC as a management unit.

The AOC serves as a bulletin board and improves the board’s functions. Information can be edited and operated via the office network. Apart from reserving tee times, you can display detailed information about your course, tournaments, events, news, news ticker, and websites and you can show pictures, videos, your webcam, weather forecasts, tee times, tournament results etc. If you integrate appropriate industrial printers, customers will be able to print bag-tags, master data sheets, and handicap confirmations immediately after having bought green fees. Advertisements can be integrated as well, so that your sponsors profit from an attractive presentation. The AOC is equipped with an integrated score calculator. The electronic score card “Mobile Golf Scorer” can be integrated via infrared connection. Due to MiFare and / or magnetic stripe readers, payments with differen types of cards such as federation membership passes, EC and credit cards or with an individual club card are possible. Members can check their account balance and increase their credit by using one of the different payment options. The creation of a new customer account in combination with a federation membership card goes along with an automated data check and update at the federation. This excellent service contributes to an even more enjoable golf experience.

Your Benefits

You generate additional revenues by extending your range of services without additional staff costs. While waiting times are reduced, customer satisfaction increases and your staff is relieved of administrative work. The typing of EDS results, entry lists, tournament registrations and deregistrations is no longer required because every customer activity is integrated automatically from the terminal into the corresponding position in your software modules. Use this time for a more personal service! Your customers will appreciate updated information which can be accessed at the terminals.


The GC Baden-Baden informs guests via the AOC Terminal and provides the possiblity to use it for tournament registrations.

With the AOC self-service terminal, the GC Bruchsal has expanded its service offerings beyond the regular opening hours.

More Details?

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