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Where It All Began

Despite the German roots of Albatros, we have a long tradition and a close relationship with our neighboring country Austria. The very first customer of Albatros Germany was the Golfclub Seefeld in Austria. We are very proud that the Golfclub Seefeld is still one of our customers and has remained loyal to our software solutions for many years.

Due to a close cooperation with the Austrian Golf Association (ÖGV) and the associated collaboration with, Albatros has meanwhile become a market leader. The Austrian Golf Association has deliberately chosen the expertise and experience of Albatros Datenservice in order to offer its members a unique, integrated solution.

Albatros communicates with the central handicap server via modern interfaces and thus ensures the transfer of results and the adjustment of handicaps. At the same time, the interface provides the portal for tee times with information in order to centrally coordinate tee times. This is a central success factor for the Austrian golf market which is characterized by seasonal business and tourism.

Apart from the central server, numerous partner hotels are connected via the “Albatros Web Services AWS Reservation” solution. Consequently, guest vouchers for green fees can be generated and managed in the hotel. Moreover, the interface to financial accounting systems such as Orlando or RZL has been a prerequisite for many Austrian customers to choose the market leader.

As common in other markets, the membership card of the Austrian Golf Association is used as an access medium, too. Some golf clubs also use the card reading technology for ball machines. This central solution creates additional value for golfers.

Customer #1

The first customer in the history of the Albatros Datenservice company came from Austria and is still a satisfied customer. We are proud of the long tradition and glad about our very first customer, the Golfclub Seefeld.

Market Leader

Hard work and passionate customer service pay off. We are pleased that we have become the market leader in Austria and that more than 70 golf clubs use the Albatros services. THANK YOU!

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