Barcode and QR Code Help to Deliver the Best Possible Customer Service

The Renaissance of the Barcode

The barcode has already been considered a dinosaur – however, it enjoys a revival due to QR codes and the widespread use of smartphones. Apart from magnetic stripes or RFID chips, the QR code is an easy but effective complementary option to offer fast cashless services with Albatros on the entire course.

The QR code can be generated easily and quickly at the reception so that golfers can use it as it is printed on the receipt, the green fee ticket or the score card or as they receive it via e-mail or passbook on their smarthphone in order to draw balls on the driving range or to open doors (for instance to access restrooms at remote areas of your course). The code can be generated for single use (for instance for day visitors), as an additional purchasing incentive, or as a lasting identification possibility.

The only thing the golf course has to do is provide ball machines and doors with appropriate card readers.

A Virtual Loyalty Card

The virtual loyalty card can be accessed by members and guests via their smartphones, either with the iPhone-Passbook or the Android-PassWallet App.

Temporary Barcodes

Temporary barcodes can be used to sell equipment and to grant limited access via codes that are only temporarily valid. Customers can use barcodes via their smartphones (e-mail dispatch) or on printed receipts, green fee tickets and score cards.

Bonus System instead of Discount Battle

Reward loyal customers with a loyalty bonus or create purchasing incentives in your club, in the pro shop, or in the restaurant. A loyalty bonus can for instance be a free bucket of balls instead of a discount. The bonus can be granted easily via printed or e-mailed barcodes. That’s how modern CRM works!

Barcodes and QR Codes for Your Marketing

Vitalize your customers and offer sponsors a new promotional platform. The use of coupon campaigns and bonus systems with the aid of barcodes has become very popular. Whether you think about customer retention or sales: voucher campaigns qualify for many aims. The Albatros barcodes offer an attractive solution and create added value for your golf club!

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