Cashless Payments – Solutions for Golf Clubs

Cashless Payments

For golf clubs as well as for their customers, cash money on the golf course is always complicated and bothering. Albatros has focused on the issue and offers a perfect solution for cashless payments on the golf course.

The basis is the creation of a customer account on which customers can deposit money. It is irrelevant whether the customer is a member or a guest in the club. The deposit can now be used for different facilities in the club.

The ball machine on the driving range can be complemented by a card reader so that customers can draw balls with their membership cards, guest cards, RFID chips or with printed barcodes.

In case that customers want to shop in the pro shop after spending time on the driving range, or decide to rent a golf cart, they can use their deposit to do so. The pro shop and the reception can be easily connected to the cashless payment system so that tee times can be paid without cash.

After the round of golf, the customer can use the club’s restaurant which can also be connected to the cashless payment system. Even the integration of terminals and software systems designed for the food and beverage industry is possible. Customers can use their deposit to buy food and drinks.

Benefits for Customers

Benefits for customers are obvious. It is more convenient and simple to use the course without needing cash money. The high comfort even exceeds the reception’s opening hours because the cashless payment system provides the customers with a wide range of services. The average revenue per customer is higher than the revenue generated by cash payments. On top of that, security is a key issue.

Benefits for Golf Clubs

Benefits for golf clubs are not only an optimal customer service but also a reduced workload in cash handling and an improved liquidity due to prepaid payments. The service of cashless payments creates trust and customer loyalty.

Marketing Meets Future

By offering this solution, Albatros provides a basis for defining completely new services. High deposits can be encouraged and further services can be promoted via bonus points. The software allows for a differentiation according to customer groups and thus different conditions can be offered. Members can for instance be offered different conditions than guests.

Account usage as easy as can be!

Via Albatros Web Services (AWS), golfers can independently charge their Albatros accounts at a golf course. One convenient method is a direct debit from the customer’s account. This function is of course also available in the Albatros App.

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