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Emotional Moments

Golf is a fascinating sport which derives its appeal from tournaments. Victory and defeat, unique strokes and head-to-head competitions between favorites can be incredibly exciting. Albatros chose to develop a solution which enables as many spectators and participants as possible to witness these special moments. Live.

This has resulted in the Albatros Livescoring, which can be offered as an integrated solution in the clubhouse, in the restaurant via Golf Club TV, as well as online on the club’s website. From the publishing of the start list in the morning, to the hole-by-hole livescoring during the tournament, to the result including the list of winners at the end, everything can be controlled via a direct interface in the tournament administration.

On-Course - Watch it Live!

The real-time on-course reporting via Blackberrys or iPads revives livescoring. The results can be entered and transferred by the flights themselves. The respective scores are presented on every connected screen. Fans and visitors are not only able to witness the event live, but can at the same time enjoy the comfort of the club’s terrace.

We Care - We Deliver

If requested, Albatros provides the organizing club with a complete set for livescoring at highlight tournaments. The golf club does not need its own hardware and can thus ensure a cost-effective and highly attractive implementation of the tournament. The Albatros tournament experts offer on-site support so that you can fully concentrate on your guests and participants. With Albatros, the golf tournament will be the season’s highlight!

Tournaments to Suit The Taste of The Sponsors

Albatros offers golf clubs the possiblity to stage not only the tournament but also its sponsors. This can entail the simple integration of logos into start and winner lists but also complex presentations before, during, and after the tournament. Due to sponsors, tournaments gain a completely different significance and their attractiveness increases as a result of impressive brand names and exciting prizes.

Solutions for Golf Clubs

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