Wireless Connection of the Driving Range – Solutions for Golf Clubs

Cable Clutter?

The future is wireless. Wireless technology has found its way into many areas of everyday life and involves entirely new application opportunities. In the past, many golf courses faced constructional restrictions and consequently implementations always presented a challenge. Especially the connection of a driving range had to be realized via cable due to long distances. The necessary earthworks are complicated and expensive. In some cases, the laying of cables is even impossible.

Albatros has tested many wireless technologies to offer additional connection options apart from standard WiFi technology. The Albatros “Connection Box” was an important milestone in the use of wireless technologies on golf courses. The Connection Box can be easily incorporated into the existing infrastructure. The advantage is that data exchange is established through the mobile network which means that the only requirement is a mobile network coverage on the driving range. Since it is only a small quantity of data that has to be transferred, an “Edge” signal is sufficient.

A driving range which is too remote to be covered via WLAN can be incorporated into the Club IT Infrastructure due to the Connection Box. Golf clubs can thus implement all advantages of the card reader technology and offer golfers completely new services. The problems of token management and “physical keys” are no longer relevant.

Mobile Communication Technology

Connect the driving rage via mobile communication technology if there is no WLAN reception.

Cheap Rates

Albatros offers extremely cheap data tariffs. The wireless connection via a SIM card can be purchased for very little money.


Data exchange is encrypted and secure. The golf club can access data and statistics in real time and can react quickly in case of disruptions.

Solutions for Golf Clubs

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Time to Get Rid of Cable Clutter!


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