Albatros develops the first live new WHS for South Africa

South Africa was the first nation in the world to convert its central handicap server system (developed and maintained by Albatros on behalf of Handicaps Network Africa (HNA)) to the new World Handicap System (WHS). The “go-live” of the new handicap system for South Africa at 1st of October 2019 has been successful, almost the full scope of the WHS has been implemented. According to HNAs schedule, one further update will follow in January 1, 2020. This will make South African golfers some of the first players in the world to enjoy the new WHS regulations for their summer season.

The introduction of the WHS in South Africa was accompanied by a relaunch of the HNA Handicaps & Tournament App, designed and developed by Albatros. This is the South African Golf Association’s official app. The app offers numerous new services which include a premium subscription service and an tournament function. The latter enables golfers to enter, record scores and follow a live leaderboard while on the course playing their fellow competitors. It also is one of the first golf Apps to provide an electronic player / marker scorecard function for the returning of competition scores for handicap purposes. It was well received with more than a 1,000 tournaments created on the App in the first ten days.

As a provider of software solutions not only for golf courses but also for golf associations, Albatros is very proud to be one of the world’s leading providers of handicap systems. A fact that is repeatedly confirmed to us by golf associations worldwide.