Well planned is half the battle

With Albatros 9, we provide our customers with numerous new tools to make planning and organizing their own work enormously easier. But also the view of the entire facility, of all processes in the various areas such as tournaments, greenkeeping, driving ranges, restaurants or conference areas can be seen at a glance, but also combined and planned and coordinated. In addition to the task planner and task management, the “good old” calendar plays a central role.

The new software not only contains a new and visually modern calendar view of the tournament events of the facility, but also a full calendar and planning tool for all work areas. Calendars for all areas can be created and managed in several levels, then superimposed and compared for planning purposes.

This gives the employees of the golf course a completely new overview of their daily work and can also immediately provide qualified information to customers and members. For the club manager, new options for long-term work planning, but also the ad hoc response to bottlenecks, arise directly from Albatros.