Business Intelligence – your statistics in realtime!

The term “Business Intelligence” (BI for short) is experiencing a renaissance due to the new possibilities of cloud solutions and high availability of the Internet and is entering completely new dimensions through the most modern technologies. BI was once defined as “procedure and process for the systematic analysis (collection, evaluation and presentation) of data in electronic form”, but today BI offers much more. The goal today is no longer just the software-supported collection and storage of company data in order to make it strategically evaluable. Today, data collection is hardly a serious problem for any IT system, and data storage is also possible and affordable in an almost infinite amount.
BI means much more today to have the data collected in this way quickly, permanently up-to-date and in a quickly understandable, graphic form available and displayable. Data analysis in real time and in a user-friendly way without being banal.

With the wish of our customers for quickly accessible, easy-to-configure and always up-to-date statistics and evaluations about their own golf course, the development project team at Albatros 9 received a clear order in the area of statistics and issues reports. We have taken on this task and see a clear solution – “Business Intelligence”.

The new version of Albatros 9 will therefore no longer be just a tool for simple data collection, but will also primarily provide you with smart and easy-to-understand data analyzes in real time. Wherever you want, when you want and with which device you want – an Internet connection is sufficient.

We go into the different roles that the employee can have on the golf course – and the associated different rights, but also demands on the type and scope of the data. The receptionist will want to see and monitor other real-time data – such as the status of the ball machine or the date of a guest’s last visit – like the club manager who needs regular and detailed occupancy or budget analysis.
In addition, Albatros 9 will offer both a broad and growing “arsenal” of pre-designed and finished analyzes and graphics. Albatros 9 will also offer an extremely user-friendly “statistics generator”, which enables the golf course to run very individual reports and analyzes. Very easy to use, quickly available and, on request, both storable and automatically sendable by email to an interested group of users.

Albatros 9 will therefore be the first true BI tool for golf courses that meets the modern requirements of golf courses, but also the very latest technology. Let yourself be inspired by the new possibilities that we have implemented for you based on your requirements and wishes.