Individualization made easy.

  • Teetimes for certain Hcp classes
  • Teetimes for groups and courses
  • Individual booking rules
  • Flexible and temporarily adjustable
  • Automation
  • Discharge secretariat

Automatic individualization of teetime allocation.

What if a golf course wants to give regular preferred booking options on certain days to certain groups in the club- such as women’s or men’s golf or PE course participants? Should certain handicap classes be left out in certain time frames? Or what if only 2-person flights should be allowed in the early morning? Then the ALBATROS ZOS module for assigning target group-oriented start times is exactly the right solution and extension for the Albatros system.

The ZOS extension can be ordered for all Albatros systems that have already integrated the start time reservation and the AWS online reservation. ZOS can then beconfigured quickly and easily as an extension and automatically processes the customizations for the golf secretariat.

The needed special booking rules are configured once in the system and are then used automatically and throughout the season. Temporary assignment of additional rules is also possible without any problems.

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